Recently, gentleman of Shanghai citizen the Kingdom of Wei to watch news net and ” news lane ” report of number of small letter public, say he goes to the one steam Shanghai on road of boreal a surname inn of Ao Aodi 4S builds a car, charge is close 160 thousand. Later, he discovers a few spare partses did not change at all accidentally, but money is to illuminate however close not by accident. Check again carefully, the spare parts such as headlight is former plant fittings far from, it is fake. Gentleman of the Kingdom of Wei says, he himself calculates, most the fittings that at least has 50 thousand yuan or so has similar problem. Store of regular Ao Di 4S can appear unexpectedly so big question, this lets him also want to be less than anyhow. Receive complain, reporter Wu Hao is bright launched investigation. Gentleman of the Kingdom of Wei says, q7 of his this Ao Di was bought 2010, left to have ten thousand and ten kilometers. At the beginning of this year September, car went traffic accident, the inn of Ao Aodi 4S of one steam Shanghai that send上海喜来登铂spas it to road of boreal a surname is maintained. The other side opened maintenance detailed account, need changes once upon a time headlight, fog lamp, to air conditioning conduit, engine the lid is locked up even screw 0 always always add up to 105 projects, charge is close 160 thousand yuan. Maintenance will end on September 29, gentleman of the Kingdom of Wei drives the car come home, odd can discover on the road. Original, after gentleman of the Kingdom of Wei is excellent, lamplight of the headlight before discovery very medicinal powder, it is not clear that road surface is illuminated, illuminated with flashlight then, rained that day by chanc上海普陀区不正规油压e, s爱上海后花园三通ee car head only 4 headlight宝山顾村公园推油 have fog into water, two turn to the lamp to also drink water. Gentleman of the Kingdom of Wei watchs look again carefully, among them a fog lamp is changed repeatedly unexpectedly did not change. In addition, gentleman of the Kingdom of Wei returns discovery, engine builds zip assembly, hinge to was not changed; Engine lid locked up a hook to be changed however, but cylinder was not changed however, because be mixed from nick,oil stains can see is old; And it is to accumulate ash on air condi仪征全套桑拿水磨会所tioning conduit, also did not change apparently; In addition, this plants mat of amortize circle, sound insulation, screw gadgety also did not change. And these had been stated in servicing detailed account change collected fees. Complain gentleman of person the Kingdom of Wei to say: “Old air conditioning conduit and alleged change new pipeline, fat dirt exactly like, new balata install affirmation pitch-black those who shine, I follow this to do not have distinction oldly; Include this hinge, manufacturer delivers goods do上海浦东spa会所全套 not have spray paint, should be new setup of good paint of 4S inn spray, but primitive dirt still is in inside hinge; New lock changes good affirmation to add lubricating o上海消费低点的荤场il, new lubricating oil is very clean, old cylinder used the lube in the process to touch di2019虹口桑拿rt, lube is pitch-black, my car the lube on cylinder is pitch-black now, have above primitive dirt and all the year round tatty trace; There is a lot of screw on this car, change completely on monadlist, reed of screw, spacer, card, attack screw oneself, should be changed entirely, but I see main上海莞式水磨干磨什么意思tenance find new screw hardly partly now. ” the headlight before   sees this again later, it is false clearly. Gentleman of the Kingdom of Wei calculates, this former plant 10 thousand multivariate headlight, the mimic on the market only 800 yuan, the big be left speechless with wonder or fear making a person of its price difference. Gentleman of the Kingdom of Wei says, inn of abstruse 4S of one steam Shanghai said to change 6 lights, changed 5 上海后花园1314龙凤论坛 shhhylights actually only, and changed light still is not former plant,阿拉爱上海晨晨验证 it is the mountain fastness goods outside, because former plant is new,the lamp has several impossibly to drink water at the same time by chance. Gentleman of the Kingdom of Wei still says, at the beginning he puts forward to want to change former plant entirely only went, the other side also is willing to talk things over. But later, inn of abstruse 4S of one steam Shanghai does 爱上海同城论坛not have later development. Begin dilatory do松江桑拿会所推荐 not 上海闵行南美水疗say, what thing is not handled,上海嘉定男士spa air of gentleman of the Kingdom of Wei aside. For this, gentleman of the Kingdom of Wei also appeals to headquarters of Ao Di China, dialed its to complain a phone then, but broadcasted 34 telephone calls, say very quic上海桑拿会所全套体验k meeting is contacted every time, headquarters of Dan Aodi China did not give him echo from beginning to end however, feel w上海外滩桑拿hole Ao Di not to take this kind of incident seriously. The inn of Ao Aodi 4S of Shanghai of this one steam that t上海宝山罗店 洗浴 桑拿 按摩he reporter comes to to road of boreal a surname understands a situation, he Yong of after service manager expresses, by them repairman does this mat上阿拉爱上海北京验证区海闵行男士按摩1069ter, because the headlight price of new car is more expensive, he dropped headlight not carefully on the ground to break into pieces, feel compensatory cost is higher, want to resolve this issue through individual behavior, do not have later

City hair c徐汇 高端推油hanges appoint the announcement that just issues this city oi上海杨浦区桑拿中心l price to adjust: Zero hour will上海千花自荐 上海千花黑名单 rise on November 3, the attune on 92 be上海油压体验论坛nzin上海南美水疗油压e general is 6.53 yuan / litre, the attune on 95 b松江桑拿休闲会所全套enzine is 6.95 yuan / litre, the attune on 0 d上海嘉定spaerv is 6.15 yuan / litre. Measure by appraise of capacity of 50L of gasoline tank of car of 上海黄浦徐家汇路鸿spageneral family杭州干磨水磨精华上门上海闵行交大附近上海荤场ktv过程全套水磨 expenses, add full 92 benzine will cost o上海后花园私人会所ne case more about 6 yuan, the tube that going up in next roads people, should want suitable path to add an oil? Note: 98 benzine fix a pri上海油压店全部关门了ce independently for 闵行区南美水疗the enterprise. Newest tariff is newest 92 上海杨浦区桑拿水疗ga上海嘉定男士spas上海桑拿会所论坛 price takes situation 阿拉爱上海同城对对碰 水磨拉丝服上海普陀区那家spa比较好务流程图会员验证picture

Caption: Wide bureau of government of people of Pudong new developed area and Shanghai article signs Song Ninghua of strategic cooperation agreement to photograph Oriental net this morning on October 31 message: Pudong new developed area will hit many ” assorted fist ” , establish 1.5 billion yuan of finance respectively special fund and fund of investment of 1.5 billion yuan of estates, prize market of one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-上海航头水磨桑拿会所two thousand one hundred and ninety-two class, urge culture career and drive of culture industry double round, fly wi上海后花园桑拿按摩论坛ng to wing to fly together. This morning, wide bureau of government of people of Pu极品莞式水磨桑拿会所dong new developed area and Shanghai article signs strategic cooperation agreement in center of office of Pudong new developed area, the urban district promotes join forces Pudong culture pro上海会所水磨服务记sperity is flourishing. Begin Shanghai of 16 specific collaboration article wide bureau introduces about chief, after the urban district cooperates, prospective both sides is advancing contemporary and common culture serve a system construction, boost culture industry system construction, advance He Qunwen of great culture work creation, advance from trade reform of market of test division culture is superinten奉贤芮嘉水疗ded, push the field such as communication of international culture collabor上海全套按摩 2019ation, begin 16 specific collaboration. Frequency of window of these 16 collaboration shows: Both sides is striven for about ministries and commissions to the country jointly in begin cultural relic auction and later period of movie and TV to make admittance from trade division pilot job; Around reforming and opening 40 years, found a state development of 70 anniversary, Pudong opens 30 years to wait for great node, make a batch start artistic high-quality goo上海kb论坛 上海松江kb名店ds and culture brand activity formerly; Drive establish Shanghai international travel to go vacationing work of estate of area movie and TV pushs a group, advance ” one belt all the way movies week ” tendercy waiting for work goes vacat按摩水磨干磨什么意思ion福州金山桑拿推荐ing area assemble. Pudong still will be accelerated advance ” artistic business is encircled ” the activity is rolled out in whole area, guide close child interactive kind, music acts art kind, culture is revealed kind, the children drama culture project that loves by the citizen walks into bazaar, form ” one bazaar one brand, 10 bazaar 10 characteristic ” ” artistic business is encircled ” c普陀美景桑拿ulture consumes atmosphere. After establishing autograph of 1.5 bill上海桑拿会所哪个最好ion yuan culture estate fund to arrange a ceremony, pudong new developed area was released new career 金山酒店spaof round of culture, i阿拉爱上海新人验证浦东ndustry (movie and TV) special fund runs way,上海419论坛群有广州的资源吗 announce 1.5 billion yuan will be thrown inside 5 y金山海鸥大厦5楼spaears, prize market of culture of one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two form. Support directly besides finance, by industry of originality of culture of government of new developed area special fund passes Pudong division to achieve group and people net autograph to establish 1.5 billion yuan about with investment guiding means ” people Pudong ” culture estate fund, basically use at investing new developed area excell维也纳松江开发区店spaent article starts a business. It is reported, in recent years Pudong advances culture career and drive of culture industry double round continuously, fly wing to wing to fly together, pudong new developed area founds a country successfully already demonstrative area of system of common culture service, 爱上海同城论坛culture originality industry increases a value to amount to 94.2 billion yuan, occupy proportion of whole area GDP to achieve 10.8% . Did not come 5 years, government of new developed area will throw 300 million yuan every year, accumulative total throws 1.5 billion yuan, activate ” culture of conduct propaganda of Pudong new developed area develops fund ” and ” originality of culture of Pudong new 上海哪有水疗developed area (movie and TV) the industry is special capital ” . Pudong will be built unified release, unified accept, unified嘉定荤场攻略 evaluation, unified fair show, unite superintendenc上海足浴荤场子一览表y special fund to manage a mechanism, perfect relevant system ceaselessly.

Reporter Jie Min will report on上海后花园论坛 上海桑拿会所论坛 November 1: By industr上海水磨会所全套2018y and informatiza上海莞式桑拿水磨 419tion ministry, country development is reformed appoint, the fair of industry of the 19th China International that Industrial Development Organizat奉贤水疗休闲会所ion of stimulati浦东南美水疗ve commission上海第一家荤场 of trade of ministry of Departm闵行区水疗会所转让ent of Com海尚会金山三楼按摩好嘛m上海推油按摩价格表erce, science and technology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering, China International, U.N. and Shanghai gover奉贤古华山庄男士spanment sponsor jointly, will exhibit a center at wi阿拉爱上海q96ll coming 11阿拉爱上海 北京 通州 days to be met in the country on November 7 this year (Shanghai) hold, show acc奉贤南桥ktv荤场elerate construction to produce power, the deepness that drives Internet, big 上海水磨是什么意思啊data, artificial intelligence and hypostatic economy is shirt-sl干磨是什么服务现在eeve. Gain of current China industry is met with ” innov福州金山哪里有桑拿店ation, intelligence, green ” for the theme, automation of machine tool of setting numerical control and metallic treatment, industry, robot, new energy resources and electric powe杨浦区桑拿还有没有r electrician, information and communication technology application, energy-saving equipment, as energy-saving as environmental protection technology with new energy resources car, science and te上海大桶大398油压chnology in上海顶级水磨桑拿会所novates and 9 major exhibit aerospace technology area上海这段时间把油压按摩店都关了.

Time: On October 24 10 when a section of a highway: Garden road (on the west Jiang Wan road – road of water and electricity)   borders course is handed in 3, football ground of mouth of 8 lines rainbow stands, tighten the dream that is next to rainbow mouth dragon synthesis of this one co爱上海桑拿会所价格mmerce, on the west the day of crossing of river bay road, garden road all car discharge is in 6, 70 thousand or so, encounter day of game of holiday, football上海浦东全套干磨会所 上海干磨会所, car discharge will be climbed more litre to 100 thousand abo松江索菲特悦泉spave. Blame motor vehicle and pedestrian are same in an endless stream,浦东南美水疗 early height period of time, many citizens are riding to share bicycle to arrive traffic of here change rail is diligent. “Ofo small Huang Che stops the area intermediate please, rub do obeisance to stop in please on the west side. ” on October 24 morning 10 when make, on the west crossing of river bay road, garden road goes into the street in the area of place of blame motor vehicle of the edge, each administrator that shares上海水磨q群 bicycle bus静安 推油iness to accredit is guiding citizen according to beforehand the area of delimit piece orderly park bicycle. “This is we take the lead pilot ‘ dimensions changes place of color separation piece ‘ administrative measure, each enterprise accredits personnel to had provided respective vehicle, achieve already orderly beautiful effect. ” carry on of old intermediary of 3 gr2019上海上海吴中路丽都ktv荤场闵行油压交流群oups great team leader says detachment of rainbow mouth policeman. The reporter sees in the 上海后花园论坛419spot, of different color share bicycle to will jockey area differentiates to be planted into red, orange, yellow, green, La Wu different color piece. “Here is in charge of particularly wel上海宝山区荤场ktvl, by bike, put a car very convenient. Such now looking orderly, like be like rainbow again, very good-looking. ” retire to say in piece of aunt of the home, she rides everyday share bicycle to come here by subway, “Resemble centering park so, we are used convenient also. ”   however, before half an year, can not be here such. “Each share bicycle business excessive put in share bicycle, block footpath up watertightly. A lot of citizens are gone the car is put with respect to past roadside everywhere, we can go taking away, the head is very painful. ” Chen Zhong is recollected, in those days, to ensure normal traffic order, policeman branch is obliged to add a group alarm force defends management. Although drag in a large number of energy of the policeman, but because share bicycle system the amount is huge, administrative effect is not ideal. How to defeat solution to share bicycle government difficult problem? This year June, before branch of rainbow mouth policeman is crossed actively one pace, build alarm platform of contact of look forward to, supervise and urge the responsibility of main body management that the enterprise fulfils bicycle park, “Dimensions changes place of color sep夜上海论坛ye021aration pie虹口桑拿space ” te上海市闵行区哪有水磨ntative idea also thenceforth pu徐汇的桑拿会所ts forward and pilot. “Resemble ‘ cent cake ‘ same, be in according to each enterprise of this area put in gross, jockey in blame motor vehicle the area differentiates to each enterprise in proportion piece roughly park position, accredit personnel to coordinate park according to effective demand spot by each enterprise again. At the same time also obligate an area, satisfy what of all kinds society is not motor-driven car to jockey demand. ” Chen Zhong tells a reporter, now, the administrator that shares bicycle business each from was stationed in dot management partly at 8 o’clock to in the evening partly at 6 o’clock every morning, on the west of section of river bay road shared bicycle park to had come true standard, orderly. Although early height wagon flow is centered, but from the motor vehicle that上海杨浦水磨会所 right-hand rotation of river bay road enters garden grade on the west, want to see there is a pedestrian on horizontal line line only, jockey after the metropolis is online wait. “The car makes a person very few previously, now a lot of, take a child to walk also more set his mind at. ” the old aunt that lives around is received everyday send granddaughter to want to pass line of this paragraph of pedestrian crosswalk, the change to pedestrian of motor vehicle comity has greatly experience. Garden road is close on the west north and south of river bay a section of a highway to pedestrian crosswalk line two side, only one group i全套水磨干磨什么意思ndicates the pedestrian’s current signal lamp, did not install signal lamp of motor vehicle traffic. “Because this paragraph of zebra crossing leaves crossing too close, the practice that sets signal lamp of a motor vehicl上海虹口油压会所推荐e again is unscientific. ” Chen Zhong explanation says. For this, specially of rainbow mouth policeman arranged two to make a valve complementary alarm, be in respectively two direct traffic to driveway. “If zebra crossing is bright green light, somebody crosses a street, complementary alar上海豪华spa会所m with respect to direct motor vehicle jockeys wait; If nobody cr上海嘉定怎么找大保健osses a street, make motor vehicle normal travel. ” come so, was in charge of pedestrian chaos to wear the phenomenon of the driveway already, also strengthened the traffic civilization consciousness of motor vehicle driver. 上海后花园1314龙凤论坛Old medium say frankly, with

According to ” labor signs up for ” report, 1255, 1256 2 custom-built buses rise to open operation in city of new Jiang Wan today. Two public transportation circuitry roll out the means of program site and union of photograph of raise action 最新商务模特价格site first, this also is b松江大学城的会所us group opens custom-built and public transportation line for an area first. According to the bus on上海高端桑拿会所哪家好e compa水磨哪家服务好ny relevant controller introduces, 2 custom-built buses not only car uses power plant of new energy resources, and go up in黄浦区水磨休闲会所 the foundation that sets groovy site, better in tr奉贤荤场affic condition but 7 flag stop are installed near the passageway that still does not have center of the village that sets requirement of groo正规足浴店推油是什么vy and public transportation station, citizen, school, citizen beck, public transportation stop namely, improv上海夜场排名招聘ement gives an experience sense. After running a level, still will add close call site f爱上海网址是什么urther according to passenger demand, adjust operation time. It is reported, public transportation 1255 travel course is full-阿拉爱上海验证贴length 4.5 kilometers, create 11 groovy stations in all, 3 accost station is located in 3 knack politics cloud ro上海会所全套ad, c上海日式水磨是什么服务ountry installs road of road civilian government office, Yangao road of road Song Shanghai. This line is link line, dot of the beginning and the end is Song Shanghai road hub of Yan Hang route s松江大保健哪里最便宜tands, circuit abundants from Song Shanghai road road of Shanghai of Song of the classics since station of travel route hub turns around, Yan Hang 上海嘉定168水磨全套road, politics road of clear path, Guo Xiaolu, Song Shanghai, Yan Gaolu, politics fragrant road, . Public transportation 1256 travel course is full-length 3.5 kilometers, create 12 groovy stations in all, 4 accost station is located in Guo Xiulu politics with grand of road, country road politics is mixed area of garden of ability of 上海莞式水磨论坛Gu Ke of road, bay, abundant goes Lu Rui amounts to a road. This line is link line, dot of the 按摩水磨和干磨的区别begin上海上海丽都国际会所 荤场浦东休闲会所全套ning and the end is Song Shanghai road hub of Yan Hang route stands松江开元的桑拿怎么样, circuit abundants from Song Shanghai road station of travel route hub removes road of classics Song Shanghai, Guo Xiulu, Jiang Wan road of grand of city district, country, politics with road, Guo Fan road, country counterpoises boreal road,上海ktv荤场服务项目 Yan Hang road. Two circuitry all are height line at present, operation time is 06:3 respectively0 ~ 09:00, 16:00 ~ 18:30, execute single the price of a ticket a yuan.

By a definite date two days series of countrywide natant city surpassed total final 2019, in Shanghai east sports center natatorium is held since December 14. 923 when come from countrywide each district natant lover assemble in, to ama水磨拉丝按摩图片teur of this match year total champion launchs a challenge. As we have learned, of all kinds natant match will exceed annual Shanghai this year 110. Each match of the small age group that has in the morning, because the player is an amateur, send so after making, some players adopt bouncing type to enter water, some players are adopted set out directly in water. In blue waves pool, players上海虹口区十大油压店 do all one can goes all out in work, competition ground often resound is worn hip, players spread out i上海指压飞机店2019半套服务吹要戴套吗n 9 projects such as 50 meters of crawl intense than going all o阿拉爱上海 北京 通州ut. Match of set of natant city of this whole nation does not receive match form the age paragraph fractionize is fastened 14 groups in all for the men and women, attracted more citizen to participate in natant match, enjoy the fun of natant fitness. Be worth what carry is, 17 fine athletes such as ocean of anxious Liu of former nation natant group, Qian Gong, Zhang Lin, Pang Jiaying, Jiang Wenjing attend specially invite of this second match organizing committee the match, still appropriate of pacify of martial music of coronal of former Olympic Games enters an activity, let citizens close quarters contacts fine athlete, share the joy that place of countrywide mass闵行区水磨会所论坛es natant match brings. Appropriate of pacify of martial music of coronal of former Olympic Ga上海南桥哪有荤场子mes expresses, “Resemble such match can letting more people par松江区桑拿怎么样ticipate in, especially child, to th福州金山附近的桑拿em more opportunities can play the game,奉贤KTV荤场子 only 上海后花园论坛419油压match ability is reflected, after drilling for some time the match look to rise somewhat. ” match of natant city set regards countrywide dimensions as the largest masses natant match, set 14 stations to distribute station game in all this year, the player that Shanghai station total final takes part in the match is the fine athlete that passes intense contend generation by contest of each minutes of station. Be worth what carry is, swim in Shanghai as project of fitness of the whole people quite popularity, it is early 10 years ago, shanghai school is advocated ” everybody learns to swim ” . Current, the of all kinds natant match that annual runs exceeds 110, in driving tens of 10 thousand person-time to participate in its directly. Take part in the match player parent says, the child practices swimming still basically is a consideration health of body and mi上海桑拿莞式水磨休闲nd, ” because read what is tiredder, a lot of childrens move now without time, I feel to insist to come down to have the word of a motion so, to fitness still is very helpful after him. ” Shanghai natant association is standing vice-chairman Zhu Dale thinks, swim so can welcome, still concern with its characteristic. “Learn natant ego to protected consciousness to have; The chance that can swim to serve for people is very much; Of course, mainer it is particularly good to the body to swim, get hurt not easily, heart lungs function is better, to cerebrum development also has been compared. ” match of set of countrywide natant city carried out the ” that fulfils 19 big reports to put forward to develop activity of 爱上海同城419论坛 阿拉爱上海同城论坛fitne金山湖水疗ss of the whole people extensively 2019, accelerate sports powerful nation to build ” , implement the demonstrative spirit that s上海外卖私人工作室ecretary-general of be used to works to fitness of the whole people seriously. Of this second match hold what promote countrywide masses natant activity better to begin, be publicized further and popularize natant fitness activity, for日式水磨是什么服务 the whole nation natant lover is offerred share the natant match, platform that enjoys natant fitness.

Common saying says ” close affection is blood thick at water ” , normally the word 闵行区按摩of close kin of flesh and blood, people always believes thoroughly. The closest Shanghai fine the Zhou Apo that decides 81 years old, encountered a strange thing, “Granddaughter ” should take her to fry make money, but the son says this is telegraphic bilk however, still alarmed police. On Nove上海水磨桑拿会所论坛mber 27 morning at 10 o’clock, week grandma of 81 years old is carrying Id and 爱上海 上海贵族宝贝bank card, come to agricultural ba上海会所全套多少钱nk fine postal service hall of calm subbranch of a bank, say to want ” granddaughter husband ” turn Zhang is used 100 tho上海宝山干磨水磨会所usand yuan fry, in a week 100 thousand yuan can become 200 thousand yuan. He and ” granddaughter ” a few fry in the day earned 800 thousand yuan. Bank clerk: “Old grandma gives me to look with respect to the small letter that produces granddaughter at that time, show the place is Gua上海莞式桑拿会所ngdong above, but the phone of granddaughter and granddaughter husband and name, old grandma said not to remember. Still say never the phone has been conta上海浦东全套水磨体验cted, be small letter connection. I feel this granddaughter and granddaughter husband are very suspicious. ” bank clerk guesses, week grandma may encounter telegraphic bilk, call the police rapidly. The policeman 禅觉spa静安店receives a newspaper to come, did not think of week of grandma by ” granddaughter ” deepne闵行南美水疗包括什么?ss brainwashing, body defect ” Jian bilk ” . Shanghai public security bureau fine Yang Jinhui of policeman of fine city police station recollects calm substation, she is urgent at that time remittance, say granddaug阿拉爱上海 闵行hter husband has inside news, gain is as high as 100% . But the account that calls is the company account that is in Tianjin however. “Old grandma is very stubborn, my around said most hour, it is inexorable persuade. ” right now, “Granddaughter ” ” granddaughter husband ” with quota of people finite for, and show a month to week grandma invest benefi上海浦东全套水磨体验t 800 thousand yuan check scheme, urgent her remi上海娱乐水磨哪家服务好ttance. The policeman pacifies week grandma mood above all, examine minutely next alleged ” granddaughter ” authenticity. “What does this person call the name? ” ” does he know you? ” ” are you kin? ” the week grandma that does not answer to come up is immersed in contemplative. In the meantime, the policeman contacts week grandma son through searching Mr Zhang. After Mr Zhang hurries to a bank, one with respect to get behind telegraphic bilk. Mr Zhang says, grandma of the w上海哪里有水磨服务eek before a week entered to fry a communication group, often mix group of people in chat, he also did not think more, the result was gotten by telegraphic bilk element unexpectedly chance. “I also am done not have too care about, feel to communicate experience to do not have what bad, did not think of to still climbed a kin to come with my Mom really, cover for what kite falls today. ” course policeman and son are close of a hour persuade, week grandma abandoned remit money eventually. Police reminds, year end is telegraphic bilk height, be aimed at the characteristic with old people poor vigilance, cheater often can be used add small letter to invite first into so called inside group communication, reoccupy is covered close to,美容spa会所上海奉贤区 the game that knows kin, come the money in pocket of diddle old people. Bilk means ten m上海夜总会排名10illion is planted, remember well from beginning to end do not collect money.

Recently, one man is outer sell a cup of drink w会所干磨.水磨,三通as ordered on platform, after little elder brother selling service outside, th2018年上海油压店怎么关了is上海莞式桑拿水磨 man thinks the drink in the cup is little, little elder brother sells to be drunk secretly outside suspicion, several 110 phones were dialed to call the police unexpectedly und上海水磨油压er one anger, but what absolutely did not think of is… on November 23 19 when make 19 minutes, the instruction that substation of treasure mountain of Shanghai public security bureau connects polic上海闵行水磨体验e stat上海哪个洗浴中心全套ion of river new residential quarter to receive 110 command center says area under administrat上海后花园桑拿论坛ion produces issue in home of some village dweller, need policeman is present processing. Receive alarm after the policeman hurries to the spot, classics understanding, call the police person Li Mou and outside sell little elder brother to青浦区水疗 produce consumptive issue, because上海水磨一般多少钱 Li Mou sells贵族宝贝419论坛 little elder brother the上海洗浴全套哪家好 drink that Xu Mou drank his to nod secretly outside suspicion and call the police. The policeman is informed cal上海会所2018严打l the police if the person still disagrees to bought drink, can withhold sample to seek consumer rights and interests to protect a hot line to handle. However Li Mou does not accept a policeman inform, unplug again instead dozen 110, say suspicion will上海金御海庭spa receive alarm is false police. “I should complain you, after you do not think, apologize with me, I can 上海贵族宝贝交流群 gzbb.melet off you. ” receive again call the police after the phone, policeman connection is on duty to receive inside place alarm policeman, person share information calls the police than be opposite in the meantime. Result, had an astonishing discovery: Call the police person Li Mou is the order circularly the arrest of a criminal at large on a net unexpectedly be at large guilty suspect. Receive alarm the policeman captures guilty suspect 夜上海论坛ye021Li Mou quickly, and right now Li Mou returns one face spellbound. Via checking, guilty suspect Li Mou because be suspected of provoke affray blame,was gotten online to chase after by police station of Yang Hang of substation of treasure mountain public security in September 2019 escape. Show Li Mou to already was detained by criminal of substation of treasure mountain public security.

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