In ne上海ktv素场ws of new network Shanghai on August 13 report (Yuan Huiyun) on August 6 with 7 days, college of medicine of Shanghai traffic university is accessary the liver transplanting group that strong professor of summer of benevolence aid hospital heads combines center of medicine of Malaysia Malaya university (expert of UMMC) of abbreviation Martha hospital finishs Malaysia successfully first in all operation of transplanting of liver of 2 children vivid form, th大宋足浴奉贤店怎么样e patient restores with the respective parents that supply system good. Professor Kaimila emphasizes Malaya vice-chancellor, when Malaysia control child松江雪浪湖浴场团l购ren live body liver transplants after the technology, the photograph is abroader than going formerly go to a doctor, hopeful of total cost of cure and operation drops 50% above, this is medium the important milestone that equestrian two countries cooperates in medical treatment domain. It is reported, incidence of a disease of closedown of congenital bravery path is children of southeast Asia country about extremely one of, because at present these national whole lack skill of transplanting of liver of children vivid form, except few number the little patient is cost gigantic endowment outside heading for Euramerican go to a doctor waiting for a country, family of great majority little patient can abandon cure only. Without effective treatment, the little patient does not pass 2 years old alive commonly. Shanghai hands in the 3rd day of make the rounds of the wards after academician of Chen Guojiang of dean of big college of medicine, Yang Wenkun and Xia Jiang art. The acceptance of first operations person phenanthrene card is a girl of 10 years old, after be born, be for bravery by diagnose closedown, although via Ge Xi the operation alleviates illness, but rose this year in May, little patient illness is aggravating, appear gradually the evidence that liver function fails. Because suffer from the little patient elder sister of akin disease to just die, phenanthrene card became parents’ only hope. Wait to wait to fall for the circumstance of body not as good as however hard, father decides to contribute liver to carry out operation of transplanting of live body liver, the life that times for this only child strives for o上海金山情趣酒店pportunity of survival of a gleam of. Inopportune is, between the chrysalis before art, little patient illness accentuates again, systemic condition is very poor, cannot break away from the cure of ICU. When the 3rd day of make the rounds of the ward上海好乐迪ktv官网s after Malaysia and method of Shanghai transplanting group with group photo of the patient that supply system. Group of transplanting of liver of children of hospital of Fang Heren aid communicates Martha hospital courtyard for many times, invite Xia Jiang group finally to carry out operation of transplanting kissing body for the little patient to Malaysia, impart face-to-face craft. Through the joint efforts of group of bilateral medical treatment, doctors are cut successfully from father b上海闵行区黄海浴场ody took 360 grams left half liver transplanting gave a little patient, the operation is finished smoothly. Of back-to-back move on August 7, farrier cure group cooperates once more in, operation of transplanting of liver of vivid form of the 2nd children of the place上海红鲤鱼浴场 that finish, suffer body and parting for body is 1 year old of boys and his mother闵行桑拿网. Be worth what carry is, group of transplanting of liver of this operation Shanghai turns actively to the position that coordinates an operation. On August 9 afternoon, center of medicine of Malaysia Malaya university holds a press conference, expert of Shanghai of high reputation of local all circles is excellent craft. Surgical director Professor Yang Wenkun expresses liver of center of Malaya university medicine, “Group of operation of benevolence aid hospital can guidance of hand of whole journey handgrip completes operation of children liver transplanting, it is the issue that wants not to have the courage to think before, the hope is adjusted through the technology of period of time build with the group, malaysia can develop technology of transplanting of liver of children vivid form independently as soon as possible. ” he says, “The demand that our country transplants to children liver is very big, in Malaysia, still a few disease have the cost that cannot treat a disease toward China before the burden, this drive is worn the operation capability that we promote ourselves goes helping them. ” dean of center of medicine of university of   Malaysia Malaya Professor Kamalu expresses, “The expert that this the success of liver transplanting operation wants to thank hospital of Shanghai benevolence aid is altruistic help and share a technology, acknowledgment China puts forward ‘ one belt all the way ‘ the strategy lets this technology transplant to become a possibility to Malaysia. ”   Xia Jiang expresses, “This career is in the help finally the children of liver ill evening, country of benefit southeast Asia and area, also will conduce to promotional in the friendship of people of equestrian two countries. This also is benevolence aid this hundred years old courtyard condenses course advantage, answer a country actively ‘ one belt all the way ‘ the main responsibility that proposal and place of town planning of center of medicine of Shanghai construction Asia should assume and the important contribution that make. ”   introduces according to Xia Jiang, the first came from 4 years old of girls of Malaysia to accept liver transplanting operation in benevolence aid hospital 2014 up to now, already children of nearly 40 Malaysia was in hospital of Shanghai benevolence aid to accept liver transplanting successfully. Hospital of Shanghai benevolence aid already with center of Malaya university medicine (the cooperation of children liver transplanting that UMMC) built maturity manages mode. On August 9, college of medicine of Shanghai traffic university still signs cooperative memorandum with Malaya university college of medicine, this offers platform to prop up for collaboration of bilateral farther deepness. Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, hand in Chen Guojiang of dean of big college of medicine to say, the operation collaboration open that farrier gives birth to in the further cooperation of two school, both sides will study in student education, education the domain begins more collaboration. It is reported, group of two ground expert did many preparation work for this operation. Rose this year in May, 16 cure that come from Malaya university protect personnel to be in Shanghai traffic university the college of medicine is accessary of the technology of children liver transplanting that week of 1-4 of the by a definite d上海青浦好的浴场ate of benevolence aid hospital that finish differs groom. Since 2006, benevolence aid hospital had completed the liver transplanting operation of many 1900 child. In May 2019, be born for only male baby of 80 days carries out liver transplanting operation successfully, this boy also becomes the person that the throughout the country’s smallest liver transplanting is accepted. By 2018, the group that Xia Jiang presents as leading role finishs liver transplanting gross to already exceeded 4400, since 2011 successive 8 years children liver transplants year of operation quantity house the 2019上海水磨world the first. Of this group cross a state this cooperative pioneering work, what brand of service of since Shanghai medical treatment outputs outwards is specific reflect, also be carry out travel ” one belt all the way ” the strategy, advocate international humanitarian spirit and the specific exploration that drive compose to build community of human health destiny.

In news of new network Shanghai on August 10 report (Yang Yimeng, shang Xiliang) humeral sleeve injury is joint of old people shoulder the common cause of ache and functional obstacle, the tendon on ridge is torn off is the commonnest position that humeral sleeve injures. The dry cell that is based on second birth medicine treats hopeful to provide松江天马浴场 new remedial measure for humeral sleeve injury. However, dry cell cure still faces a lot of difficulty at present, how to 上海普陀足浴休闲一条街realize dry to transplanting cell among them migratory inside live body, distributing wait for behavior to undertake 附近桑拿房浴池黄浦区青浦巴厘岛浴场价格showing trace, to evaluating its security has important and scientific sense. The reporter learns 10 days, chen Shiyi teachs division of sports medicine of Mount Hua hospital and infra-red quanta dot shows the group radiothermy of leader of Chen Jun’s deputy researcher footprint technology, on ridge of rehabilitate of dry cell organization tendon tears off research respect to gain new headway. Its achievement is in with Visualizing The Fate Of Intra-Articular Injected Mesenchymal Stem Cells干磨水磨服务什么意思 In Vivo In The Second Near-Infrared Window For The Effective Treatment Of Supraspinatus Tendon Tears(close infra-red qualitative dry cell is filled between the marrow that 2 areas window undertakes living body shows footprint joint antrum to inject when treating the tendon on small rat ridge to tear off ” destiny ” ) publis上海闵行高级私家水磨h in international for the problem famous periodical Advanced Science(is advanced and scientific, on IF=15.804) . Chen Shiyi of division of sports medicine of Mount Hua hospital teachs schoolteaching title group radiothermy infra-red quanta nods bougie, sleeve of shoulder of combinative small rat is injured (the tendon on ridge is torn off) model, the migratory process when small rat fills different to transplanting pH indicator to do a cell t松江 桑拿会所 哪家好o上海静安区情趣用品 be treated in scathing shoulder sleeve character between akin variant marrow undertakes with spatio-temporal distributinging feature real time fluorescence is monitored. Research announces as a result, transplanting 5 × group of 104 dry cells begins the 3rd day after transplanting to area of humeral sleeve footprint migratory, the 7th day of cell rich collect of more than 80% is in footprint area, transplanting dry cell is had in humeral sleeve retention period grows repair period, rich volume number is much wait for an advantage, be helpful for promoting the rehabilitate of structure of the dead centre after humeral sleeve is torn off. After this research deepened pair of dry嘉定ktv荤场 cells t奉贤区南桥镇浴场o transplant ” destiny ” understand, what do rejuvenesce medicine to driving is clinical change have positive effect. Full text link: Https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1002/advs.201901018 

In news of new network Shanghai on August 5 report The tower reads literature specially invite star read in August the official is petite and lovely however actual strength explodes the chess of singer Deng Zi of canopy, the near future is in popular put together art ” Chinese new e.g. comic dialogue ” in the program, in serving as a program exclusive a female adviser, the stage show that Deng violet chess admires with powerful professional accomplishment, Jing again conquered audience. This, deng violet chess suffers invite hold the position of a tower to read literature star read in August official, let a tower read caper of numerous novel reader unceasingly. Data shows, end to in December 2018, the tower reads literary accumulative total to register an user 310 million, entire network month is active user close ten million, and dimensions of user of Chinese network literature also is achieved 432 million, occupy a netizen 52.1% overall. Dimensions of user of literature of mobile phone network is amounted to 410 million, 50.2% what occupy mobile phone ne老闵行哪家浴场有服务tizen, network literature reads the recrea上海宝山区按摩店tional way of life that makes a kind canno松江环球国际ktvt be ignored already, however with respect to whole character, although network literature theres is no lack of an excellent work of be the rage, but high-quality goods am上海青浦情趣酒店ount slants as before little, harder what can says be handed down from ancient times is class上海滩之夜ktv夜总会怎么样ical is make.    The part that the tower reads literature to precede as home achieves literary author autograph to make an appointment with formerly, content is distributed, IP derives the extensive recreation that is an organic whole to change integrated kind network literature reads上海松江哪有大保健 platform, what extended realistic theme actively all the time first half of the year 2019 is former start network literature work, reject content cadaverous, seek novelty kind work autograph is made an appointment with, give in school undergraduate and the author that encircle into network literature first all-around to education, improve the quality of author of article of platform whole net. For hatch more high grade work, make a tower read literary mainland great mind, let more outstanding network literature authors show itself, give safeguard of policy of aut横岗金山足浴hor materiality welfare to compose income in order to promote, the tower read literatu嘉定怡泰spare to still roll out 2019 writers to foster ” 3+ ” plan, obtained remarkable result, platform 2019 autograph of net article author is measured about first half of the year relatively on one year the corresponding period rises more than 30% . Had walked along 20 old network literature, experienced inchoate cultivate virgin soil to type is composed and erupt type develops, enter the new level that raises qualitative synergism, transition to upgrade urgently. Th静安区ktv哪个好e tower reads literature to know very well, in this one phase, more 上海全套水磨感受ought to the connotation of literature of li clear network and extension, establish perfect self-discipline and heteronomy mechanism, dedicate with high-quality goods from beginning to end reader, promote development of network literature high quality. (Be over)

In news of new network Shanghai on August 10水磨拉丝按摩图片 report a few days ago, ill credit of kidney of society of cure of foundation of communication of China international medicine, China can be in 100 special below Chinese support, make ” kidney loves not to have care ” countrywide kidney disease prevents and cure — patient care and administrative commonweal project松江富悦万丽ktv are started formally! It is reported, this activity will pervade 33 province city of countrywide and remote region, benefit and more than 20000 patient, aim to make blue print of prevention and cure of Chinese kidney disease. ” kidney loves not to have care ” the project is answered ” 2030 program compendium of healthy China ” , ” national sanitation is healthy appoint general office the announcement that about area of poverty of print and distribute main chronic health teachs prescription “普陀山银云酒店位置 wait for policy to answer the State Council appeal, actively to act about carrying out healthy China ” opinion ” policy appeal, how does congress honored guest raise people to be opposite chronic nephrosis (CKD) and eventually evening nephrosis (ESRD, CKD5 period, uremia) know and take seriously, the disease prevention and cure that helps chronic nephrosis and uremic patient have science and ego manage, the life quality that promotes uremia the patient thereby raised practical significant move with surviving rate. Current, chinese adult is chronic nephrosis sicken rate already was amounted to about 10.8% , chronic nephrosis patient is close 120 million person, occupy global first place. Inside global limits, chronic nephrosis burden accentuates ceaselessly, from 1990上海艾善推拿店静安店-2016 year, incidence of a disease grew 89% , sicken rate rises 87% , the dead number that cause rises 98%2. Chronic nephrosis year after year is sent high, nowhere is not in inducement, early discovery, early prophylaxis and treatment just is crucial: Need to adjust fat of albuminuria of lifestyle, control, hypertensive, tall blood sugar, blood disease of acid 上海金枝玉叶ktv开放吗of unusual, high make water. Chronic nephrosis once go to the bad is not reversible turn, develop even to eventually evening nephrosis.    Disease of kidney of China cure society learns university of chapter chairman committee member, Zhejiang accessary Professor Chen Jianghua of the first hospital is in express here: Our country eventually the incidence of a disease of evening nephrosis and sicken rate are 15.4/ respectively 1 million population of 1 million population and 237.3/ . Up to 2016, the uremic patient need that China has more than 1 million every year is dialytic. However, eventually rate of treatment of evening nephrosis patient is made an appointment with only 50% , because a lot of patients are right the deficient of disease knowledge, psychological fear, the of all kinds reason such as economic element cannot in a planned way has disease government, so that miss optimal cure period, bring heavy bu上海普陀区春暖花开ktvrden to oneself and family. The year after year of uremic incidence of a disease of our country increases, had become ” the 2nd cancer ” . Uremia needs to undertake scientific kidney replaces remedy, the blood that includes us to be familiar with is peritoneal and dialytic, dialytic transplant with the kidney. Because offer body organ shortage, of kidney transplant can carry out a gender very suffer be restricted, the patient basically passes peritonaeum dialytic with blood dialytic two kinds of means are replaced original the nephritic function that alrea上海杨浦按摩dy failed has treatment. Current, low to uremic acknowledge and precautionary rate, cure leads our country people the difference of sex of low, comply with, rate that amount to mark is low, remedial current situation makes a person anxious! Uremia nots allow to ignore in the disease current situation of our country, already was major communal and wholesome problem. The near future, the State Council acts about carrying out healthy China ” opinion ” put forward, should insist to popularize accomplishment of knowledge, promotion, own self-discipline, healthy life, inchoate interpose, perfect ser上海柏悦酒店vice, the whole people i松江大学城有什么ktvs participated in, establish the basic principle that share in all. To fulfil ” opinion ” , we undertook active exploration, put forward ” kidney loves not to have care ” countrywide kidney disease prevents and cure, patient care and administrative commonweal project, aim to make blue pr金山浴场哪里好int of prevention and cure of Chinese kidney disease. ”   is known to uremia to rise and prevent people and take seriously, help uremia patient has scientific disease prevention and cure and ego government, the life quality that improves uremic patient and surviving rate, answer national call actively, china international medicine communicates foundation to represent director of Liu Xin poplar to introduce: “We are in 33 province of countrywide, thorough and remote region, begin ” kidney loves not to have care ” countrywide kidney disease prevents and cure, patient care and administrative commonweal project. Aim to carry a variety of kind such as education of patient management, popular science, the 3 level that establish network of medical treatment of mutiple level, wide radiant and chronic nephrosis prevent a system, accomplish inchoate monitor, the comprehensive nephrosis such as later period cure defends system, reduce the incidence of a disease of nephrosis patient and mortality effectively. ” (be over)

In news of new network Shanghai on August 13 report in August 8-10 day, the 18th Chinese traditional medicine globalization alliance conference (The 18th Meeting Of CGCM) is held in Shanghai, congress by Chinese traditional medicine globalization is allied (Consortium For Globalization Of Chinese Medicine, abbreviation CGCM) is sponsorred, university of medicine of Shanghai traditional Chinese medical science undertakes. Come from China, United States, England, Austria, Italy, Australia, Korea, Thailand, Philippine representing of globalization alliance member waits for more than 400 expert that waits for country and area, scholar, Chinese traditional medicine attend the meeting. Congress opening ceremony by Chen Kai of academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences first, Professor Liang Bingzhong ch上海奉贤ktv会所airs university of Hong Kong Chinese jointly. Xu Jianguang of president of university of medicine of Shanghai traditional Chinese medical science teachs a speech, honor of university of medicine of traditional Chinese medical science of professor of lecture of Professor Liang Bingzhong and banquet of couplet the leader of an alliance, Yale, Shanghai teachs Zheng Yongji to part to make a speech on the opening ceremony intercurrent watch makes a speech. Peng of vice-chancellor of medicine of traditional Chinese medical science of Zhang Huaiqiong of deputy director general of management board of medicine of traditional Chinese medical science of vice director of council of Shanghai sanitation health, Shanghai, Chengdu becomes Chinese tr上海奉贤西渡按摩aditional medicine of academy of sciences of traditional Chinese medical science of professor, China institute director Chen Shilin is taught (represent) part with ” . Zhang Huaiqiong introduced Shanghai and countrywide traditional Chinese medical science, Chinese traditional medicine fundamental condition of上海水磨会所全套qq群 the industry, serve big health to be nodded to be cut with medicine of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, develop the problem of existence from industry of drug of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, isogon of strategy of the strategic fixed position of medicine of the traditional Chinese medical science below big healthy setting, development is spent, the development of the medicine in be opposite puts forward to think. He thinks, industry of drug of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine should abide by oneself to develop the rule, optimize application of Chinese traditional medicine and management, aggrandizement each resource, achieve integrated and harmonious progress, pay attention to an industry to develop research, domain of preferential development key. Alliance of southwest of Peng Cheng delegate CGCM introduced C上海宝山区ktv招聘网hinese traditional medicine of our country s奉贤南桥按摩outhwest the circumstance of resource, industry, research. Chen Shilin introduced CGCM standard system to build strategy to reach its specific content. This second conference sets a seminar and nine cent forum. The seminar is chaired by academician of Pei Gang of academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, be superintended with what produce industry around academia, government and the collaboration between area is begun discuss. The main topic for discussion that the person that attend the meeting discusses on the conference involves medicine of active of clinical research, biology and mechanism, precaution and traditional Chinese medical science to diagnose, biology informatics, ” OMics ” method and data analysis, Chinese traditional medicine is resource, natural the research domain such as child, acupuncture. Zheng Yongqi chairs congress closure, he emphasized CGCM driving development of drug of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine to come the mission of benefit mankind health, expect 2020 the 19th Chinese traditional medicine adieu of globalization 秘干磨什么意思alliance conference. He expresses, current Chinese traditional medicine globalization alliance conference is to be in Shanghai to hold up to now the 3rd, it is one of international conferences with the mainest field of medicine of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, the expert of the academic orgnaization that is different area, industry and management department, scholar provided communication platform, newest development trends offerred the medicine in knowing the whole world for the person of the same trade opportunity. Globalization alliance established Chinese traditional medicine 2003, what the high-end 上海夜总会排名talent in be being developed by research of drug of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, education and scientific resea广州水磨qq群rch, famou嘉定朱桥梦好浴场s college and well-known company comprise is allied, current, this alliance already developed to have a whole world the organization of science of blame pro上海奉贤头桥足浴店fitability international of unit of more than 170 member. Chinese traditional medicine of university of medicine of Shanghai traditional Chinese medical science, Shanghai standardizes a research center to be this alliance 16 launch one of units. Hold the position of allied chairman by Mr Zheng Yongji, chen Kai first academician, Pei Gang academician is a vice-chairman. Medicine of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine learns one of gem that are medicine of Chinese ancient time, also be one of keys that open China civilization treasure house. This, chinese traditional medicine of university of medicine of traditional Chinese medical science of Shanghai of combination of globalization alliance CGCM holds the 18th Chinese traditional medicine globalization allied conference, hope for can borrow this platform to promote academic communication and cooperation, development of the medicine in be being driven thereby and Chinese traditional medicine globalization, make contribution for human health. This second CGCM conference by Chinese traditional medicine the institute assumes main meeting Wu support, form volunteer group, to attend the meeting expert, delegate provides true-blue service, although have typhonic photograph partner, more show close sentiment infinite.