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Civil / 3 riverside are exhibited in 37214 Japan, be called commonly after oil crisis ” low growth period ” , begin 18 years till 1973 from 1956, year average 428 economy increase rate is 9.1% , showed negative growth 1974; Arrived 17 years of 1990 1974, year average increase rate falls for 4.2% , 250071 bubble 428 economy period, increase rate still can be maintained in 6% the left and right sides. Land price dropped 1993, economic increase rate appears again negative growth, restore somewhat later, however 1997-1998 year, bank of Hokkaido develop breed, hill bank of extended credit of one negotiable securities, 37214 Japan went broke inevitably, the influence waits as a result of the attune on consumption tax after, economy shows negative growth again. This period, consumptive unit begins to turn to an individual by the family. The individual has a meal and arise to suit ” feed ” 上海 水磨 干磨 什么意思food, the food that begins to appear in department store sells on field, the commodity that listens to such personification becomes very somebody is angry, “Frivolous and smallish ” be known as popular recipe. Day enrages commodity pop chart at will releasing a person every year in December via current news, 1981, the frivolous short small commodities such as computer, minicar, portable radio, MiniCompo radio all is on a list of names posted up, “Frivolous and smallish ” the backside of commodity is divorce rate rises, the setting such as the grow in quantity of parasitism crowd and lone crowd grow in quantity, 1975, between 2004, social consumption chases gradual change to get the society of personification. “New mankind ” arisen 70 time later period reachs 20 centuries 80 time, individualistic tendency of Japan increases apparently, the new mankind阿拉爱上海越南河口 generation after infantile current generation, be fed up with politics extremely. The issue that the youth cares gets lost consumption from politics, 70 time later period, mountain pass holds water in Tokyo university the topic such as the club of vermicelli made from bean starch of 100 benefit, begin to become talk endowment. “New mankind generation ” the later period in be born in socie上海闵行上门按摩spaty of the 2nd consumption, this word is ” pass through ” of creation, regard this as the model of generation the person th爱北京论坛验证阿拉爱上海at was born 1968. 1968, japanese GDP is next to the United States, rank the world the 2nd. The in上海吴中路丽都ktv荤场dividual thinks, new mankind generation can be defined for from 1963 – the generation that was born 1969. Above all, period of growth of economic high speed is from 1955-1973 year, among 1963 – the generation that was born 1969, should be the impact that accepts economic high speed to increase long-term viewpoint of value is the biggest, also be the year before last year that meets to Osaka world rich from the year before last year of Tokyo Olympic Games, namely afterwar Japan so called golden age. Next, new mankind generation is born in Tokyo mostly, its father generation i上海水磨和南京洗浴s born at 20 centuries 30 time left and right sides, afterwar work to Tokyo, marry, parturient. The baby boom of Japanese whole, although be ” the baby is wet ” the 1947-1949 that generation is born year, an unripe number of Tokyo it is 1964-1974 year a上海后花园交友论坛n occurrence上海娱乐水磨会所预约 height, eliminate 1966, number achieves a stranger of Tokyo金山区spa养生会所 every year above of 200 thousand person. Look from obtain employment respect, be born at the people of this period, if the university graduates, should at 1986-1992 year enter a company, this is from a paragraph of period 上海油压店关了好多before slump arriv奉贤南桥spaing before 250071 bubble economy, obtain employment situation is accordingly first-rate. On this meaning, the generation that can say to be born at this period is most ” bubble ” , have the feature of new mankind generation most. New mankind generation is born in economic high speed to grow mostly most the period among, tokyo 上海龙凤论坛 shlf1314gives birth to Tokyo to grow, have strong consumptive desire necessarily. Begin from childhood times, be worn to 上海419论坛上都是真的吗ramble by parental belt silver-colored, 上海完美休闲kbwent up high school begins to take the place of in acerbity Gu Yi amuse oneself, the new mankind generation that leads the 3rd consumption the society at 1983, grown 1989, be economy arrives from foamy eve the times of summit summit. The childhood times of new mankind generation, japan has become economic big state, they begin sensible when, the electric equipment in the home already was everything needed is ready, current gen上海哪里水磨服务项目eration of baby of very rare portrait is same