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Decided! First group and room land group are combined again and new capital signs up for dispatch (reporter Zhang Jian) today (on March 9) , new capital signs up for a reporter from limited company of group of Beijing room land (abbreviation ” room land group ” ) relevant controller is in know, this afternoon at 3 o’clock, in assembly room of first group cadre, first group and room land group hold heavy combination and announce to上海松江莞式水磨一条龙、 meet. As we have learned, secretary of first group Party committee holds Li Yan of president Pan Liqun, general ma上海kb名店、nager concurrently to wait, vice secretary of Party committee of room land group holds Li上海嘉定南翔大保健、u Zhanshan of chairman of general manager Liu Jun, union concurrently to wait, with blame of responsible group system management sex asset is received, the member of 13 leading groups such as the Xu Weiheng of vise general manager that supervises the work attended上海怎么联系洋妞、 today’s meeting. A上海长宁水磨桑拿会所、s we have learned, room land group is vassal state of a city has a company, register capital gold 800 million yuan. Scope of operations always basically contracts for construction, major contracts, estate developmen上海水磨会所攻略、t is managed, ancient building is maintenance protection, modern pr上海最新龙凤推油论坛、otection of maintenance of cultural relic building. First group holds water at hanging out his shingle formally on December 10, 2005, it is to be in Beijing national endowment appoint group, Tian Hong group leaves to incorporate by the city below dominant the city vassal state that recombine and becomes has large company group. Make public information to show, total of first group assetgm上海专卖店有哪些、s is many yuan 2000, year上海水磨论坛9徐汇高端推油、16、 a square metre of the ten million on area of go back to work, property management is providing an area 45 million square metre, estate develops comprehensive strength to rank countrywide front row. Scope of business basically includes e上海闵行区上门按摩保健、state development to manage, one class de2018奉贤区哪家spa好、velopment, investment and asset manage property management, land. Occupy personage 上海kb2020、of know the inside story to divulge, two groups meet tomorrow according to different business, in one class development can佳人阁论坛全国兼职验证、opy changes, the respect such as estate of 2 class development, property perfects amalgamative process stage by stage. New capita虹口区哪里有荤场、l signs up for reporter Zhang Jian to edit Wu Xin to proofread Li Ming