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Price difference has after content sheds the member that the company is sold to conceal a company to give the client’s discount, not only hook in, corroded go up to carry to bat上海哪里有外菜talion chief inspector, large quantities of content that customer service, sale reachs below shed staff of company, commodity company, still turn firm c阿拉爱上海同城对对碰预警lient to him company, get freight margin illegally more than yuan 100 million. So, is this member that sell after all how accomplish? 8 fold privilege to pretend to only 93 fold   in April 2013, guilty suspect Chen Mou sheds a company into duty something and hold the position of a sale, expanding some commodity limited company (firm of commodity of the following abbreviation) after serving as a client, two companies signed express to carry contract agreement and lunar form agreement, and in July 2014 add is signed (the contract is 1 year of 1 autograph) . In this compensatory agreement, content shedding c香草419龙凤ompany offers level of commodity firm country express delivery 8 lose privilege, but Chen Mou上海荤场怎么找 was concealed give commodity firm the 8 fa上海夜上海论坛cts that lose privilege, gave commodity the company only 93 lose privilege, and the charge glom on to commodity firm overpay. In September 2014, after guilty suspect Chen Mou leaves his post, with its maternal Zhan such-and-such name established Shanghai Heng Chen content to shed limited company (company of Heng Chen of the following abbreviation) , chen Mou is ef上海油压店全部关门了2019fective control person. May 2015, content is narrated to shed a company before g上海高端品茶服务uilty suspect Chen Mou enters office afresh and hold the position of a storehouse to match person specially assigned for a job. Meantime, chen Mou co上海嘉定桑拿会所水磨ntinues to carry afore-mentioned kind the charge glom on to commodity firm overpay. As a result of leap of commodity company portfolio, june 2015, chen Mou seeks profit illegally to continue, the email that uses this content to shed a company sends mail to commodity firm, pretend Heng Chen content flows to shed a company with this content congeneric some is large content sheds a group, because business needs, pas上海嘉定区spas on of whole of commodi上海全场水磨100分钟不限次ty company business gives Heng Chen the company. Later, chen Mou illicit engrave commodity firm official seal and with com阿拉爱上海同城对碰论坛modity company name, shed a company to issue to this content ” know to be able to case ” , pretend commodity firm already more the name sheds limited company for Shanghai Heng Chen content, be being caused thereby is the mode that commod上海闵行康豆公寓水磨ity company pays to freight sheds a company t足疗价不正规价目表o content and obtain content to shed a service directly originally, come to turned into in June 2017 from July 2015 commodity company pays freight to give Heng Chen the company, pay content to shed the mode of the company by Heng Chen company again. The person such as Chen Mou gets freight balance RMB illegally with this more than yuan 100 million. The suspect is procuratorate of people of division of Qing Pu of average employee Shanghai only (procuratorial work of abbreviation Qing Pu) inquisitor notices, this record time span is long, involve personnel numerous, experience record amount is particularly huge.上海油压店都关了 Although guilty suspect Chen Mou is a of content 上海千花 约会归来shedding company average employee only, but its are the illegal benefit that gets a huge sum, compose built giant and intricate crime network, hook in, corroded go up to carry to battalion chief inspector, large quantities of content that customer service, sale reachs below shed staff of company, commodity company, compose built giant guilty network. Undertaker of green riverside procuratorial work combs existing evidence carefull上海宝山区荤场ktvy on one hand, ask to investigate personnel synchronism adminicle on one hand, in make a thorough investigation of stage by st上海指压一条街age after the full member of gang of Chen Mou crime, to Qing Pu public security substation is made sent 4 ” ought to arrest book of guilty suspect opinion ” , mechanism of requirement public security captures backbone member as soon as possible, the platoon feels a gang to share staff entirely. Current, gan上海好的金山湖养生水疗会所桑拿g of Chen Mou crime adds up to case 17 people, procuratorial work mechanism already to sue 6 peop宝山城区水疗le.