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[PConline by-talk] you have discovery, fast the end of the year everybody loves to begin to write year summary, the metropolis when summary thinks ” pay expenses this year how many how much did assemble issue ” , ” when can buy main rooms ” , ” should acquire new home appliance ” . . . . . . The content of summary is to follow ” get along ” of be closely bound up. Not bad to you 2018? No matter where you are, what doing, you should stop really read this ” home appliance encircled heat reviewing 2018 ” report, feel the in your life change in this year from the change of home appliance industry, spend 5 minutes enough. One, market rev上海浦东北蔡哪里有推油iewing: 2018 home appliance do not sell go out to have major concern with the house the feature with the oldest brand of all 2018 home appliance is, appraise value fell apparently. End to on November 7, outside dividing Su Bo Er, if company of main home appliance starts dim上海全套会所有哪些上海会所全套价格行情ension, case force, 9 this world, beautiful, at the beginning of Haiernian up to now go up drop drop apparently. From rectify a桑拿干磨水磨服务流程 year to look, home appliance demand is steady first上海模特上门预约哪里有全套 half of the year, but second ha虹口区一米阳光spalf of the year begins systole, basically was to get many rounds of landed adjusting control of domestic, house property clinc阿拉爱上海同城对碰论坛hs a deal gliding influence. Additionally the Sino-US trade friction this year imposes tax category of a lot of home appliance was covered in detailed list, many enterprises also got affect. On the other hand, 9497 consumer are in of busy job, pay attention to family and oneself health more and more, electric home appliances 上海油压干磨足浴论坛it is an example of very good sale conduct propaganda. 2, 266723 go all out great rise abruptly, mountain fastness home appliance runs amuck 266723 spell the great Nasidake that go to the United States to appear on the market, make central point of the biggest this year public opinion very quickly. But this 300 million people spell great platform in what use, be full of however fake product, appeared many cases ” mountain fastness disturbance ” . Public opinion ferments continuously next going all out great 上海春风楼交友论坛be instructed to rectify and reform, after rectifying, go all out great begin to if 12612 Netease are severe,be chosen with old brand, the collaboration such as 7 wolves, go up line ” brand house ” promotion figure. And spell great rise, also drove day cat, 40857 capital east, the open of electric business platform such as Su Ning ” spell a group ” shopping mode. Fast judge: Our PConline ever was going all out with the identity of average consumer great bought prod奉贤ktv荤场子uct of much money home appliance, via tearing open solution and evaluation, we discover the price of product of much money home appliance that buys is low really, but the product is fake the phenomenon is serious, without system of the safeguard after perfect carry out. But