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The Mid-aut上海夜总会荤场游戏umn Festival arrived! From August begin first, the moon cake sales volume of Shanghai begins increase sharply. Come from hunger data shows, sales volume sells outside the moon cake of Shanghai annulus will rise than July in August 196% . Will come 10 days on September 1 outside sell moon cake the corresponding period of the month on annulus comparing grew 134% . 星月菩提干磨水磨区别Data shows, from January 1, 2019 up to now, what Shanghai person likes to eat most is the moon cake of fresh pork, cheese and cloud leg stuffing. Among them, 53% what the sales volume of fresh pork moon cake of Shanghai takes countrywide sales volume, rank the first. 24% what sales volume of ch干磨全套是什么意思eese moon cake takes the throughout the country, the rank is next to Jiangsu, the platoon 上海会所不准不开心论上海2019最新干磨店坛is in the 2nd. In addition, shanghai consumed the whole nation the cloud leg moon cake of 19% . Although the sort of moon cake is very上海后花园私人会所 much,old name still is sales volume main force,阿拉爱上海同城论坛 shlf.live but old name still is to be in what 松江桑拿休闲会所Shanghai takes money not 2 choices. Data shows, moon cake sales volume selling highest store outside complete Shanghai is big pot spring (outside beach inn) , the moon cake sales volume of 8 months is close to 5000 sheet. Shanghai is a lot按摩水磨干磨什么意思 of in old name, moon cake is added fast highest is apricot beautiful building. The moon cake order of apricot beautiful building grew 19 compared to the same period times, user volume rose 15 compared to the same period times. Business controller sells Gong Li Jing outside apricot bea夜上海娱乐论坛utiful building exp松江樱花足浴kb小杜ress, apricot spent building and hunger mid-autumn this year collaboration rolls out box of ceremony of cosignatory money moon cake, on September 11 one day, annulus comparing turned over the sales volume of shop 6 times. The Li Jing that occupy Gong introduces, besides the sale channel of inn of door of in former years, still hope to extend new customer group. The line goes up first year after year today outside sold platform hunger make one of medium of communication that make an on-the-spot investigation. According to the user picture that platform provides, apricot spent a building to roll out 3 sheet to taste, it is sexual price respectively accompany a month than the box of highest iron of goddess in the moon, 7 stars that suit to send a person, and joined more the coconut emperor that denounces a youth to like sheds heart ceremony box. Besides roll out box of cosignatory money ceremony besides, online inn leaving the door, also decorated relevant propaganda paterial. “We hope to be able to let come the information that the consumer that door inn co按摩推油nverts also learns the activity on the line, door inn and outside the customer that sell group OK and mutual drainage. ” Gong Li Jing expresses. 8 months buy somebody data of 399 moon cake shows, the user crowd that buys moon cake compared to the same pe上海油压店什么时候开riod the corresponding period grew 69% last year. Among them user order of the undergraduate grew 81% compared to the same period. More and more youths are passed outside sell buy a moon cake in order to see the situation of lovesickness. Notable is, have user of many 50 Shanghai, bit of sheet sells to eat moon cake outside be being passed every week at least. Pudong new developed area has an user, a闵行区马桥大保健ltogether nodded 81 odd moon cake since this year, average every 3 days fall onefold second. Interesting is, this user each sheet is moon cake of rose sweetened bean taste, accumulative total ordered moon cake of 399 roses sweetened bean taste. As platform of this locality life sink, although the late night thinks,eat moon c2019上海最新夜上海论坛ake also ” the hand comes to cake ” . This year, complete Shanghai shares 4327 odd moon cake is in late night period of time (at 21 o’clock – before dawn at 4 o’clock) of next sheet, 水磨石施工工序grew 48% last year compared to the same period. Shift to an earlier date remarks ” happy mid-autumn ”   since this year, share order of 3392 moon cake to issue only place to give Shanghai the上海后花园是哪个城市 person by nonlocal user. Meanwhile, shanghai also has order of 5997 moon cake is choose an other place by the sheet below Shanghai user. The as the Mid-autumn Festival drawing near before this, had had remarks of more than 100 order ” happy mid-autumn ” ” reunion adding up to the home ” model of written characters. Remarks sold to also be become outside bear the weight of newly of terrestrial the real situat上海水磨休闲会所微信ion ” confess wall ” . In addition, public praise of life of this locality in A became hungry still released yester阿拉爱上海同城 北京day ” innovation of city of China meal old name reports ” . The report shows, successive two years, china meal old name exceeds 20% into the quantitative amplitude that is stationed in platform of this locality life, the distance of youth and old name is pulled closer more, compare 70 hind and 80 hind, the consumption of 90 average per capita after are added fast the fastest. The consumptive data backs上海嘉定spa哪里有ide of these growth, it is old name is abounding business setting ceaselessly, agree with the lifestyle of local youth.