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Spread as business of edge street meal in succession go back to work, become上海会所招聘少爷 silent the night fair of rainbow bridge town of a long time also anabiosises sadly. The 上海油压店何时开门reporter is in charge of sectional know from the city, canal of city of town of bridge of rainbow of Min travel area executes the law the team member of squadron discovers in nightly go on a tour of inspection, 秘干磨什么意思consumer of foreign nationality of existence of partial door inn collects an eating appearance, and with the person be the same as eat be干磨和水磨区别side closer, existence spreads epidemic disease risk. Element of town of bridge of rainbow of Min travel area has ” small international ” say, the outside nearing 30 thousand areas personage that living to come from the country such as Korea, Japan, Malaysia, United States, England, Australia here. Formed rainbow coin grade, A to pull city, rainbow the group of trade of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals such as road of street of Mei Lu’s foreigner, wistaria and yellow birch road, amo上海上海闵行 spa荤场吧ng them rainbow coin grade is focusing more many Han Shi meal, be weighed for ” Korea street ” . Before this, canal of city of town of bridge of rainbow of M阿拉爱上海最新地址in travel area executes the law military unit corresponding to a company is already right business do上海桑拿论坛419最新版or has all edge markets epidemic prevention conduct propaganda and information of permanent staff health are registered, good to acc上海奉贤有做水磨石的吗ording with conditional meal to do start business is direct. Considering night fair effect, squadron informs meal business shop上海杨浦水磨会所 to must do good person to shed a canal to accuse one by one, lest appear,across is infected. However, inn of door of near future part appears dine together the height that the phenomenon caused rainbow bridge to press down various branch takes seriously. City canal executes the law supervisory government institute, police station establishs the market inside squadron and area under administration to execute the law jointly team, it i上海ktv荤场低消费攻略s normal to ensure bus2019上海夜场排名iness door practice while, pull ci上海宝山水疗高端会所ty, rainbow to rainbow coin gra上海夜场订房联系人de, A the上海水磨会所2019价格 key night fair such as ro上海商务模特经纪人ad of street of Mei Lu’s foreigner, wistaria, yellow birch road collects area to spread out epidemic prevention platoon to check punish to work. On one hand, considering the business hours of night fair and peak value of stream of people, execute the law the go on a tour of inspection when the team is bad, adjust period of time of go on a tour of inspection for daily arrived at 21 o’clock morr上海楼风三通女ow before dawn at 2 o’clock, area emphasizes particularly on night fair of the key inside area under administration collects an area. To before consumer of existence foreign nationality dines together hall eat to be spread relative to more business, repeat an examination. Ensure nightly mea阿拉爱上海新地址 阿拉爱上海静安丫丫l business extends management order, remind business d上海后花园1314凤楼论坛oor to reduce personnel to gather at the same time. While business shop is doing good go back to work, guidance does good business to spread cohesi上海宝山区spaon food stream of people and integral environment. On the other hand, realize the seriousness of epidemic situation to invite foreign nationality customer, cooperate business shop to do good epidemic prevention to work together. For this team member people the note one by one enumerate, ask person specially assigned for a task to undertake translating demonstrative. Very fast ” health informs sheet ” English edition gives heat, covered individual sanitation and repast notice two respects. The personage outside the comes from Japan, Korea condition that considers to live in rainbow bridge to press down is more, especially Korea book dweller, in book the number achieved more than 13000, hold whole area sum total 9 into, in addition the company that job of Korea membership staff involves inside the town exceeds 500, made edition of language of a Japanese, Han again respectively ” health informs sheet ” . City canal executes the law team member uses period of time of go on a tour of inspection, have dinner of outer book consumer relatively business door has centralized area paste explains. Through guidance business door, paste informs sheet, dine together hall eat a phenomenon to decrease very quickly apparently, many foreign nationality consumer can do good repast according to epidemic prevention regulation. City canal executes the law the branch expresses, team member people while job of safeguard epidemic prevention is advanced, restore what also can cooperate to make economy of good night fair with all one’s strength in order.