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This week core viewpoint: Outstanding ac800块钱90分钟的莞式服务hievement end reviews: Battalion closed 2018 add fast dovish, pr后宫佳丽莞式水磨桑拿会所oduct structure upgrades assure gain ability. Will look on the history, according to nearly 10 years battalion closes add fast can differentiate for 3 parts奉贤区哪家spa好, industry whole is added before 2011 fast maintain in 20% above, below the stimulative action of drive of element of sex of policy of home appliance go to the countryside and old landed cycle, home appliance whole class retains the quantity promotes quickly; 2012-2015 year maintain a阿拉爱上海 会所验证 digit growth basically, because home appliance stimulates policy to exit and early days demand is released ahead of schedule wait for action element to fall, h夜上海论坛ome appliance industry is entered low incr全套干磨是什么意思ease fast period; What because retain,began to lead 2016 is ceaseless raise aggravate of play chess of gain of the market that put an amount, consumption upgrades structure of the p上海419 约会归来roduct below setting upgrades drive bottom branch line of business all price rises apparent, the industry is added fast enter new level. Share price expression: Home appliance board piece above quota accrual has clear advantage. We arranged one class industry to go 10 years share price expression, determinism is consumed board piece above quota accrual has clear advantage, among them home appliance industry occupies each industry firmly with the yield of 461% the first, compound increase rate achieves industry index 16.5% . Data上海哪个洗浴能大活 of index of 10 years of years looked in the past, home appliance industry only two years 2014 and 2018 run be defeated by Shanghai deep 300, the others all runs 8 years beat an index. From board piece come up tell, home appliance industry has pass through Niu Xiong’s latent capacity, and spin investment is periodic, above quota redound is remarkable. Influence 2018 home appliance board piece of expression main in view element. Raw material pressure releases ceaselessly: Basic fall after a rise reachs raw material price 17 years first half of the year level, before 17 years level of wool interest rate appears tall hind bottom, maintain raw material perch 18 years to still carry inferior wool interest rate, improve a trend to fall considerably in raw material price, to mark the raw material price of 16 years of second half of the year, 19 years gain is improved but period. RMB exchange rate devalues to chafe with commerce: Exchange rate respect, the RMB devalued about to the dollar 2018 10% , have more apparent stimulative effect to阿拉爱上海同城交友对对碰 foreign sales of home appliance company. Trade friction respect, custom duty influence can be produced through move will dissolve, the yield that transfers at the same time can be right the sensitivity of exchange rate also will somewhat abate, the risk is total can accuse. Long-term configuration is logistic in valueing white report bibcock sturdily. Pattern of competition of white cable industry is stabilized basically, tycoon market is spent centrally taller. Gain ability respect, exchange rate and raw material pressure alleviate, trend to good, form basically in the ascendant trend of sales volume, profit, of structural sex optimize demand to grow quickly, have technical advantage bibcock to be benefited. Short-term inside air conditioning increases fast tension, but still have growing space for a long time, bibcock enterprise passes space of price extruding small company, market share still is in promotion; Ice washs structure of white report product to optimize upgrade, prompt high-end demand, expression all moves on valence apparent, the advantage that poor dissimilation competes begins to reflect; Home appliance go to the countryside and the product lifecycle that energy-saving benefit sells during civil administration plan expire, will release newer extra dividend. High grade small home appliance is had pass through bovine Xiong Qian is qualitative. Product of small home appliance is had change cycle is short, monovalent and low characteristic, product of otherer home appliance more have consumable property, get landed factor the influence is weaker, go weak in landed cycle even below the setting of economic hasten delay, enterprise of small home appliance is had pass through the ox goes ursinely qualitative. In domain of small home appliance we more value the上海贵族宝贝手机版 Er of bibcock Su Bo that channel sends advantage and resource of powerful parent company first (002032, ) , and have fractionize domain to rely on闵行区马桥大保健 explode taste implementation to erupt the Ao Jiahua of growth, Kewosi. Pattern of competition of hutch report domain teachs actor, gain space flexibility is big. Hutch report board piece, as a result of the periodic influence after estate, t阿拉爱上海新人验证天津he impact that 3 quarters get is bigger, but h奉贤南桥荤场utch report board piece because bibcock Fang Taifa exhibits strategy to basically be opposite mark is abroad high-end brand, price war possibility is inferior, have the favorable effect tha广州水磨qq群t prop up to ceiling of price of hutch report whole, second line and the following enterprise have better price drag space and gain space, a闵行区尚spand hutch cable industry also is undertaking the conformity of channel efficiency at present, we value hutch report board piece in