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On De上海龙凤419、cember 21, POP UP of honor head home inn — honorable blackart experiences a house, land IP M上海油压保健全套上海哪里油压有水磨服务、会所、all of space of Shanghai good luck formally, practice that day, the youth is honorable and high grade singer, video free of pen of testimony official week also will visit the site, for ” with world of extensive role measure ” the work below line of global photography contest is exhibited help s上海市徐汇有推油的地方吗、trength, share its to use the story that honorable Magic2 films and photography work. Spot audience has opportunity and pen pen to interact intimately more, win take autograph上海嘉定哪有大保健、 nice gift. Consumption upgrades times, besides product function there is aesthetic to upgrade even outside upgrading, young group is higher and higher to beautiful pursuit, more and more youths take a 上海水磨会所交友论坛、picture to experience distinctive space is aesthetic dozen of card. No less than this, honorable choice opens blackart of honorable mobile phone to experience a house in IP Mall of spac松江文诚路伴湾spa、e of Shanghai good luck, comply with the experience that youth t宝山顾村公园推油、ide makes full-court scene intelligence change not only, still take aesthetic tide experience and couple of product function experience, create group of life of young pioneer vogue, this also is of brand of young science and technology brand-ne上海水磨店是什么意思、w attempt. In the house of test of honorable demon body that fills originality in this, the setting that has a variety of strange unreal turns an experience. The net of the spot is red take a picture the zone is installed ” honorable crown ” , the implied meaning is worn ” go out alive, my honor ” , the person that take wet cruel king easily model; Be in ” celestial being mist ” in the aerosol hubble-bubble room that diffuse, can experience 960fps is slow-motion take a picture catch, be full of the romantic vision effect of hubble-bubble with video record, experience the infinite surprise of world of blackart of science and technology. Not only such, honorable Magic2 still was installed inside house of test of body of demon of hon上海新龙凤、orable mobile phone tide ta上海顶级油压按摩会、kes experience special administrative area, tie-in instantly youth most the tide that love pats beautiful Yan Deng of prop, lambency, colour temperature, shooting angle, aperture all can follow a heart and move, DIY is exclusive oneself tide pats setting, the more that solve a lock makes calorie of gesture, for your friend the circle adds beauty 后宫佳丽莞式水磨桑拿会所、of tide ground mark to illuminate again. Blackart of honorable mobile phone experiences brand of house general honor is brand-new the vision after upgrading appe上海千花坛、ars in the round, use the MovingColor new match colors of new HONOR and new LOGO element, with dazzle colour tide the INS style vision of cruel is core, with mass-tone of bright and bright-coloured pure and fresh rhy南宁桑拿会所哪个最好、thm tone draws the youth’s attention, the vision of brand of young science and technology feels redefine. The spot with blue, purple and bright yellow 3 kinds of bright color use feeling上海自带工作室女、 band, let