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Autumn comes, weather becomes dry rise, indoor should be enclothed inevitably by place of one layer upon layer dirt. Traditional and clean means cleans sanitation to want inevitably to produce many Yang Chen, 上海寻凤阁to the person of allergic constitution, any dust caus上海闸北指压按摩 2019上海哪有指压e the body easily unwell. The dirt that how lets avoid clean sanitation to bring Where is 4 excessive? Many clever consumer preference 236091 sweep the floor the robot will sweep indoor groun宝山桑拿洗浴中心d sanitation, the result is very right. Current high grade intelligence 236091 sweep the floor the robot can have come true full automatic own cleanness, can avoid ash of float of indoor raise dirt completely. Customer satis上海干磨q群faction is 上海外卖私人工作室spent sweep the floor 上海水磨会所一般什么价位highestly TOM上海 闵行 水疗EFON of accept of Fei of robot brand Germany, dedicated and indoor purify a domain 40 years, the trailblazer that is the authority inside the industry and navigate person. Intelligence of Fei Na TOMEFON sweeps the floor what the robot carried air to purify class inside dust collection box not only is efficient filter system, still can realize apery labour is wet procrastinate, it is current fall removes dust necessarily purify a god imple上海金山桑拿论坛ment. Fei Na TOMEFON sweeps the floor the robot is used suck sweep the design that pulls an organic whole, number of embarking high accuracy is not had brush electric machinery, can offer the insurgent attraction of 1500pa continuously. Round brush of its distinctive V float can state of base area face, adjust angle, clingy from beginning to end ground removes dust, superfine fibber brushs Mao Ye can thorough edge seams place cleanness. When sweeping, it is swept according to arched course from beginning to end, do not run in disorder, implementation rule is swept. In the meantime, sweep particularly suck crossing-over suction inlet, sweep the effect in the light of different rubbish more outstanding. Fei Na TOMEFON sweeps the floor the secret that robot regularity sweeps, it is the buy inside its intelligence 4 nucleuses chip and system of location of wireless carrier wave. Of wireless probe all-around enclothe scanning, scale of recombine scanning result is indoor household map, the quick consideration of intelligent chip reachs optimal sweep method. Actual measurement data shows, its cleanness is enclothed rate be as high as 90% above. What need points out is, fei Na TOMEFON sweeps the floor the interior of box of high capacity dirt of the buy inside the robot is added outfit filter sea handkerchief, 36 drape are microcosmic filter 闵行区水磨会所微信small hole, can add filter to drop the allergic source composition of the generation whe上海油压gmn sweeping, filter rate can be as high as 99% . Use inhaler level, when using more set one’s mind at上海松江洗浴桑拿. Dirt box uses one key to carry draw a design, not Yang Chen, can clean dirt box with water directly, convenient and quick. Intelligence of Fei Na TOMEFON sweeps the floor the robot still has function of one key quiet tone, accomplish sweep soundlessly, won’t disturb user work and rest. Not only such, it still is providing imitate wall unit, when sweeping can essence of life differentiates definitely imitate wall signal, automatic escape cannot the domain of sortie. Intelligence of Fei Na TOMEFON sweeps the floor of the robot jump over barrier to avoid block ability is very remarkable also, bottom is added hold infra-red electron eye, can identify whereabouts height, more than safe height is darling turn around. Exceed a few small gradient, threshold, its also can be crossed easily, do not need artificial help. The fact proves, intelligence sweeps the floor robot product of this kind of high-tech can be competent completely indoor all-around ground cleanness task, sweep the effect to want prep above even artificial. Date of small letter public searchs the domesti上海会所不准不开心论坛c ” of ” drive to add attention, information of hardware of d上海松江推油+mlaily and newest mobile phone上海男人娱乐的地方, computer, car, intelligence can let you master completely single-handed. Recommend attention! [the graph below small l上海 静安 桑拿 荤etter scanning can pay close attention to directly]