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On September 20, it is Nanjing road shopping mall opens a market 20 years, have ” China commerce the first street ” beautiful praise Nanjing road 上海桑拿会所论坛shopping mall is tourist of China and foreign countries go to Shanghai ” the bethel that play 上海闵行区水磨card ” . “20 years old of birthday ” during, what kind of change will Nanjing road shopping mall have? Yesterday morning, the press conference that government of yellow riverside district holds discloses: “20 years old ” Nanjing road shopping mall will be greeted a series of transform upgrade, will introduce not上海干磨的服务流程 only China for, family name of Adidasi, Germany collect, east small town of A d上海日式拉丝水磨服务onkey-hide gelatin, music waits domestic and international top-ranking brand, tide brand a moment, and will pull open transform promotion big scre上海南美水疗有的玩吗en, business encircles pattern will from Nanjing road ” a line ” expand gradually ” a face ” , by pure ” street ” development is become integrated ” 上海 约会归来 验证block ” . Can what new store is entered halt China fo上海桑拿洗浴全套会所r, on the news briefing上海 油压 龙凤论坛 such as Xiao Bang, Adidasi, company of member of 100 couplet group is 100 couplet share and Adidasi, triplex group and Xiao Bang, the first medicine and Germany collect family name, east A donkey-hide gelatin, new world group and China for the company, shanghai world small town of luxuriant square and music, 9 wood are sundry the domestic and international top-ranking brand such as the company, tide brand signed cooperative agreement respectively. As we have learned, the inn of Hua Weiqi naval vessel that is in Nanjin上海 新完美 普陀g road shopping mall will be the whole world the biggest, norms is highest, the area evens more 5000 square metre, it is current the biggest China the 3 times above that is inn. Store of flagship of Hua Weiquan ball will fall the Nanjing building with location long history, after c带工作室的妹子安全吗ompletion of inn of Hua Weiqi naval vessel, will upgrade the mark of ground of science and technology that is Nanjing road shopping mall, abound and perfect the commercial pattern here and culture atmosphere. China for the company relevant controller expresses, the vacuum o上海桑拿水磨 干磨f communal science and technology that lead of a concept,上海金枝玉叶荤场会所 technology will make precede here, attract the tourist that is full of curiosity to prospective world to come round from global each district, experience the experience that the complete setting of interconnection of everythings on earth, wisdom turns personally. Can what promotion transforms landscape more beautiful, position is better according to yellow riverside area releva上海还有油压店吗nt personage introduces, as domestic business in recent years development enters new era, old gram is strapped and new trend, old name and new brand, old tradition and new technology are on the shopping mall with Xing Gongrong, nanjing road coruscate gives bigger glorious and energy. Nanjing east report of the platform of road passenger flow that monitor shows, this business encircled guest discharge to amount to above of 150 million perso上海十大kb名店浦东kb类推荐n-time 2018, among them this locality guest group specific gravity promotes ceaselessly, occupy than 45.51% . 2018 Nanjing east the amount that distance business上海贵族宝贝油压论坛 encircles silver-colored couplet to brush calorie of consumption exceeds 35 billion yuan, grew to exceed 10% again compared to the same period first half of the year this year, shop among them consumptive scale is achieved 7 into above. Accelerate as structural adjustment of trade of Nanjing road shopping mall, especially in recent years mart mixes the 100th goods luxuriant square completes Shanghai 阿拉爱上海乌托邦论坛验证world early or late transform, introduce the flagship store of brand of much home world-class, make structure of shopping mall age to young spend change. Big data analysis shows, 80 hind and 90 hind occupy than amounting to 6 into above, 00 hind guest group occupy than by 2017 20% the left and right sides rises to quickly last year 30%上海ktv荤场暗语 much. Be worth what carry is, by上海 外菜 vx last year, nanjing road shopping mall is selected by the throughout the country that organization of Department of Commerce chooses first shopping mall transforms promotion pilot. This year, in Nanjing road shopping mall of each businessman cooperate actively to fall, the shopping mall transforms promotion to already pulled open big screen, century square and periphery promote synchronism. Henceforth, quality of can more and more beautiful, service meets the building landscape of the shopping mall position of taller and taller, commodity will be better and better. Trade group structure also is met from Nanjing road ” a line ” expand gradually ” a face ” , by pure ” street ” development is become integrated ” block ” , will outside the mark of Huang Pu ground such as square of beach, people and Beijing road establishs ties conformity rises, become truly most core, most the shopping centre region of gold. Can have activity of what sales promotion red Bao Yu, shop send the it is reported such as certificate, during will coming 22 days on September 20, still will hold ” 20 carry age · to be thankful pass on ” Nanjing road shopping mall opens a market 20 years activity of series sales promotion. In the ac上海北蔡干磨会所tivity, “Happy event fall from 上海虹口KBthe day · is red