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Hefei is online dispatch things of 4上海做油压好点的地方0275 scene area and travel equipment exposition will be in 2018 China International on November 30 international exhibition center of Hefei bank lake kicks off. This second congress by activity of thematic conference, professional exhibition, form a complete set 3 edition piece are comprised. Exhibition area amounts to 20000 square metre, installed 40275 scene area to run 74876 establishment, message 74876 establishment, transportation facilities, wholesome establishment, rest Ou Zhihui of facilities of service of business of division of establishment, illume establishment, sports facilities, landscape establishment,上海后花园1314侦探 scene, scene travels etc 10 exhibit an area greatly, attracted come from and other places of Anhui, Zhejiang, Shandong, Beijing, Guangzhou, Henan, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Shenzhen ginseng of many 100 enterprise is exhibit宝山哪里有大保健的地方ed. After meeting opening ceremony ends Jing Bo, still undertook ” of congress of revolution of area of scene of 上海浦东莱阳路足浴kbChina of new era of gist forum “ , before drawing public figure of nearly 1000 countrywide travel trades, will join meeting. As we have learned, be in exhibit meeting the corresponding period to still will hold “ scene area to add receive mode to develop establishment of area of scene of forum ” , “ new product is rele上海水磨一条龙ased recommend meeting ” to wait for much fie上海外菜会所ld professional activity. Congress will exhibit through characteristic zone,上海莞式水磨服务图片 talk about delibrate, spot to inspect a variety o上海会所微信大全f forms such as the butt jo上海贵族宝贝手机版int, show things of contemporary scene area and travel equipment newest product and technology, drive scene area relevant unit and supply the arrange with between the enterprise, strengthen both sides of supply and demand under全套莞式有什么standing and communicate, industry of better stimulative scene region grows.上海油压店怎么关了 Rich meets current condition to be sponsorred by a阿拉爱上海同城北京论坛ssociation of area of Chinese travel scene, international is set to be able to exhibit limited company to undertake in上海京澳桑拿会所 Anhui, sce上海水磨拉丝ne of societ工作室约安全吗y of society of travel of the Anhui province, travel of the Anhui province is divisional network of meeting, the first travel is joint assist do.