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This week home appliance b上海狼族藏凤阁1314oard piece go situation this w上海闵行便宜水磨eek Shanghai is deep 300 indexes rise 2.96% , do poineering work board the index rises 1.10% , p闵行南美水疗休闲会所latelet index rises in 1.58% , home appliance board piece rise 1.07% . From fractionize board piece look, white report, black report, small home appliance goes up drop it is respectively 1.17% , 0.25% , 0.44% . In, this week goes up before 5 are Deaotong boat, suitable power electron of share, beautiful powerful stock, Kang Cheng share, mansion China; This week drops before 5 are boss electric equipment, can environmental protection, sea establishs beauty of share, Zhejiang big, galactic electron. Raw material price goes situation   on August 24, 2018, price of settle accounts of SHFE copper, aluminous merchandise on hand is respectively 48510 mix 14570 yuan / ton; SHFE copper photograph relatively rise last week 1.55% , aluminous photograph relatively rise last week 1.39% . Cupreous price dropped since 2018 11.96% , alumin上海桑拿龙凤ous price drops 3.48% . On August 24, 2018, integrated price index is rolled steel 121.93, relatively rise last week 0.97% , rise since 2018 1.21% . On August 24, 2018, model price index is in 1046, re上海千禧海鸥大酒店水疗spalatively dropped last week 0.23% , dropped since 2018 0.99% . Investment suggests this week issues the bulletin in the part, channel of early days of 9 in relief share adjusts effect to show, advance va上海奉贤荤场lue sale actively to bring income to add fast remarkable promotion, but increase sale investment to bring expense ratio to promote considerably; Periodic effect answers hutch film after real estate the noise is remarkable, boss electric equipment is added fast put delay further. What clew pays close attention to many mark next week is medium newspaper exposure, reiterate our point of view: First half of the year, performance of chain of air conditioning industry is relatively steady, retail end data somewhat get warm again after a cold spell, income 夜上海论坛2019夜 上海桑拿论坛of report of 3 become known is added compared to the same period fast will still maintain two digit growth, level of 2 quarters profit margin is alleviated somewhat by exchange rate and the pressure that raw material affects, manufacturer of the component on catenary of air conditioning industry 3 Hua Zhi accuses a platoon to produce a plan to上海青浦区水疗会所 stabilize, predict to will maintain steady growth; Consumption upgrades effect is shown continuously, value Er of Su Bo of bibcock of s爱上海阿拉爱上海同城对对碰 shazxmall home appliance for a long time; Price of Q2 face plate falls quickly, demand of black cable market is behaved not beautiful; Hutch report gets landed cycle the impact is bigger, vigilant inventory ascendant risk; Pres上海虹口spa桑拿会所sure of Q2 exchange rate alleviates considerably, pay 上海油压服务论坛close attention to the influence that trade war bring上海会所排名 上海会所排名s. Exchange rate look forward to is firm, capital上海市闵行区恬静保健按摩店怎么样 is flowed into completely on north queasy. Clew attention early days suffers exchange rate influence to exceed drop of mark, clew pays close attention to monthly gold new trea上海洗浴桑拿哪家好sure share. Current when dot, outstanding achievement of clew attention early days suffers exchange rate to affect bigger, hopeful to be benefited homebred in the new treasure share that end converts; Hopeful of clew position second half of the year is benefited adequately consumption upgrades, outstanding achievement determinism is stronger each board piece bibcock. Be in board piece whole somewhat after the callback, recommend a key to pay close attention to electric equipment of power of Er of sea of Qingdao of white report bibcock, division, beautiful group. The Er of Su Bo of bibcock of small home appliance with brand of the high end in recommending and new class the most perfect layout, component domain is recommended continuously 3 Hua Zhi accuses. Risk clew: Risk of 阿拉爱上海靠谱吗wave motion of price of estate market, exchange rate, raw material. □ . Cai. Wen. Beautiful. Day. Wind. Card. Certificate. . Portion. Have. Be restricted. Fair. Department