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Guide language: ? For market of home appliance of?1857 of miscellaneous shaming Man, double 11 become what wrestle of close body of each old brand trade kills to stand for war already, spell function, price war, send the measure such as service, big sales promotion to let a person have too many visitors or business to deal with. As big the important member with 51857 fam阿拉爱上海 同城对对ilial home appliance, the competition of 178850 freezer market is more intense. Chan2019上海龙凤ge with 53652 intelligence last reputation is outer, the bright series of microcrystalline a week of the 203494 beauty that sales volume rises successively this year 178850 freezer, can be in double this 11 important node, to the industry, bring more resounding Yang Qun effect for consumer. Text: ?  of ∷ widow bank grinds Cheng Chan triangular bream says consumer of? of ⒄ of play of Mou Huan of  of  of  ⒍ Beng raised taller requirement to freezer. From this year freezer big market grows a trend 90分钟水磨全套什么意思to look, consumer more apt chooses 53652 intelligence to change, personalized product. Upgrade to intelligence to last from tall Yan Zhi, structure, freezer is the food packet with a c上海419论坛上不去了吗old iciness no longer, however the delegate of whole intelligence kitchen,金山spa养生会所 healthy life. Be based on this, this year double 11 do not give an accident, the crucial war that becomes freezer of intelligence of global high end, the intelligent freezer that also will be 203494 beauty consolidates the market leads crucial point of the position. Beautiful freezer intelligence changes innovation to respond to consumptive demand after from product of the beginning of the year global head hair causes sensation, freezer of beautiful litt阿拉爱上海同城 对对碰le intelligence of microcrystalline a week already became the important delegate of high-end freezer. Double this year 11 during, beautiful microcrystalline series from have overall position to cubage from door body, new-style run from opposite directions concealed 3, to the cross 4 the door, French mix 5 4 times to wait for 5 to be tas上海宝山干磨群ted newly roll out, satisfy the requirement of different family in the round, offer more alternative to pursue high quality life. Functional respect, those who carry little technology of microcrystalline a week is new article, through independence microcrystalline last cabin, sensor of temperature of system of heat preservation of refrigeration of independence of the buy inside union, intelligence undertakes stereo radar is monitored, differ accurately to store feed capable person last cabin gives essence of life control of accurate difference in temperature, realized the flesh kind feed capable person 7 da上海金山卫那里有大保健ys not the effect of tundra delicacy. At the same time microcrystalline series freezer also is added matched AI intelligence to accuse intellig2019上海KB哪里还有ence of wet, PST to eliminate bacterium two big intelligence last science and technology. Exterior respect, microcrystalline series freezer used brand-new familial type to design a language, in at present on market many with aureate give priority to tonal foundation to go up, the opposite side plank of innovation sex pledges and radial reaction 干磨全套是什么意思undertook optimizing, through deposit ice housing unreal is shot fully and the silver grey shade that endows with commutation burnish of colour general glass and metal feel perfect character union, with extremely brief, the design color that human nature changes, roll out exterior of glacier silver-colored series, satisfy the aesthetic direction of ” of brief beauty of “ of contemporary elite personage, air. Among them new-style run from opposite directions inside 3 630 just appeared on the market to already caught global attention, international of a嘉定水疗会所地址ward of red site of Lian Huode nation, Ai Pulan award, good product award, golden choosing award 4 large award. Last from intelligence monitoring of the radar that divide cabin, from fluctuation the system that answer wind is worth the exterior to Gao Yan, beautiful microcrystalline series is begged with solving product core to appeal to for direction, responded to each pain spo阿拉爱上海新人验证天津t of consumer adequately, be sure to lead double this year the wind direction of choose and buy of market of freezer of 11 high end. Beautiful i上海水磨会所微信号太阳ntelligence lasts freezer is multiple and favourable, wait for you to buy with innovating black science and technology, Gao Yan is worth product fight in the van, the product of intelligent clean flavour that beautiful electric business offers only go up at the same time frame, activities of all sorts of benefit harding iron are main 57718 detonate double 11—— consumer to need to will rise at 0 o’clock October 20 only come to will pay 100 yuan of deposit November 10, can be in double 11 enjoy deposit to turn over times that day, 899 yuan “ divides value beautifully mite appearance星月菩提干磨水磨区别 ” , “6 period avoid breath ” , delay 3 years protect wait for the 6 welfare that weigh delicacy. Before 1 o’clock 80 users that pay end the money will obtain value on November 11 2000 yuan wish gets stuck, the others user can be grabbe不准不开心QMd again more include day cat demon and divide up the 100 thousand double big surprises of red bag! Pay close attention to IT