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Want to join fire control rescuin阿拉爱上海发廊论坛g rank, beco松江水疗KBme a fire上海足浴kb记men? The opportunity came! Recently, lash-up government department issues announcement, count上海水磨和南京洗浴ry 2019 year face rescuing army of omnibus fire control the 2nd times job of firemen of social move collection is started 夜上海ysh论坛formally. This rescuing team of omnibus fire control provokes the country in all collection firemen 21806, all be the male, among them Shanghai action records 950. This firemen action collection uses the means that signs up on the net, action collection object c上海男人娱乐会所an be in on September 10, 2019 23 when hind, on October 10 18 when before firemen of rescuing team of omnibus fire control provokes entry country collection platform (Http://xfyzl.119.g上海现在哪有油压 ov.cn) , inquire the action that browse records inf徐汇区spaormation, register enter firemen action to employ online system signing up. So, becoming a firemen is what kind of experience after all, is daily 上海模特上门预约哪里有全套life what kind of? “As a firemen, can chase dream youth, go all ou上海闵行康豆公寓水磨t i上海ktv荤场低消费攻略n work for the dream! ” Fang Hanwen of political instructor of squadron of the river inside rescuing detachment of fire control of Yang Pu area s上海红绳桑拿水磨ays, fire control squadr松江帝源spa有服务on collected the promising youth that a batch of cherish dream, come to help besides put out a fire, daily life is very colorful also. On September 12, the Mid-autumn Festival before today, river squadron has been being done inside be on duty combat readiness while, greeted more than 40 child of an around nursery school, firemen people after taking children to visit barracks, performed rope climbing to ascend water of building, laid to take the training co松江新城大保健urse such as a water for the chil嘉定现在还有油压店 d. Aftern爱上海同城论坛oon, squadron part team member begins to head for circumjacent supermarket, purchase endearment sna2018年上海油压店都关了吗cks for everybody, to receive coming dine together mid-autumn and the evening party prepares. Actually, the form that squadron of every fire control celebrates a festival is different, some runs basket ball game, some invites courtyard wire company to disc上海外滩按摩荤场harge to cinema of squadron red door shadow, still squadro上海外卖私人工作室n invites circumjacent dweller to make moon cake together. “Firemen this profess上海狼族藏凤阁419ion, those who guard is the safety of a city, can come true the heroic dream when! ” Fang Hanwen says, they welcome the affiliation of each youth having keep in mind, go all out in work for dreamy do all one can!